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CHIMAR HELLAS SA is an innovating R&D company, established in Thessaloniki, Greece.

It counts an international experience of 37 years in developing and providing industrial technology and services in the field of adhesive systems for wood based panels, products used mainly in furniture making and building construction.

CHIMAR has a focus on providing safe and environmentally friendly products and technologies, following the most stringent requirements worldwide and promoting the sustainability of its industry field.

CHIMAR is a versatile company mainly active in the following:

  • Developing and providing innovative and competitive technology for the industrial production of adhesive resins and chemicals and their application in the manufacture of all wood-based panel types and grades. It is a pioneer in the field of reduction of the formaldehyde emission from wood panels (emission at the level of natural wood). The CHIMAR technology is protected via a portfolio of 24 international patent families and via trade-secrets.
    • Undertaking the engineering, construction,management, process support, revamp and procurement of equipment for chemical plants producing adhesive resins and chemical additives. CHIMAR has already completed over 14 projects all around the world.
    • Offering customer focused/third-party R&D, testing and evaluation services at laboratory/pilot and industrial scale, technical support for field industries (remotely and on-site), consulting and advanced training of personnel. Offering accredited testing of the formaldehyde emission potential of wood-based panels. CHIMAR lab is accredited as per EN ISO/IEC 17025. Offering techno-economic consulting services for the protection of Industrial Property rights (patents) as well as know-how (trade secrets).
    • Implementing R&D projects in collaboration with established research and industrial organizations and partly supported by the European Commission. CHIMAR has currently more than 20-years’ experience of participation in 40 European R&D projects and in 8 Science & Technology networks. It has important expertise in developing adhesive systems from renewable resources (bio-based adhesives)by exploiting natural products, by-products and wastes as well as in developing new panel products by making efficient use of available renewable non-food crops.


CHIMAR (project coordinator) will work on the development of particleboards from kenaf, hemp and jute shieves and thermosetting bio-based resins synthesized by natural raw materials like soy protein and cashew nut shell liquid.

Benefits Expected:

Through its participation in FIBRACOM, CHIMAR will increase its knowledge and technology portfolio. CHIMAR will pursue the exploitation of the new technology which will be developed in the framework of the project through licensing to interested industrial producers of resins and particleboards.

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